Marc Maron at Nevada City Film Festival (CPR Insight)

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Listen to Marc Maron at Nevada City Film Festival

The Nevada City Film Festival brings filmmakers and comedians with unique vision and talent to the foothills. We’ll talk with standup comedian Marc Maron about the newest season of his semi-autobiographical sitcom Maron and his WTF podcast. We can also talk with Marc about how the grassroots-run Nevada City Film Festival stands apart from other festivals tied to Hollywood.


Jazz at Naked Lounge (CPR Insight)

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Listen to Jazz at Naked Lounge

Sacramento jazz musicians Levi Saelua (saxophone) and Bryan McAllister (piano) are launching a monthly First Thursday concert series at the Naked Lounge featuring local jazz artists, playing a new theme every month. The inaugural concert theme on Sept. 4 will feature jazz covers of Michael Jacksons classic pop hits.


Visions of the Wild (CPR Insight)

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The U.S. Forest Service is partnering with other agencies to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act with an art exhibit. We will talk with Forest Service officials Steve Dunsky and Jon Erickson about the history of the Wilderness Act and the art that will be on display. We will also talk with artist Marc Pandone about his contributions to the art show and how he teaches his students to capture the beauty of nature on the canvas.


Conventional comic wisdom: Melissa Pagluica, comic-book artist

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Melissa Pagluica writes, illustrates and self-publishes her fantasy comic Above the Clouds from her Sacramento home, posting one page every week. The story follows a heartbroken Eily, who loses herself in an unfinished book and tracks down the author to try and make him finish it. Pagluica also volunteers for 916 Ink’s Makes Comics program and travels the California comic convention circuit. Pagluica, who will sign copies of her work at SacAnime from Saturday, August 29, through Sunday, August 31, talked with SN&R about making comics and meeting fans—and experiencing her own fangirl moment.

What’s hardest part about self-publishing a comic book?

Getting it done! You have to keep yourself motivated, excited, and if it’s a personal project, you have to have the mindset to treat it like a job. Wake up, get this done by this deadline. Doing comic-book conventions has helped me a lot, because I’ll need the next chapter out before an event so I can sell it.

First comic-book love?

[When I was] a little girl, Sailor Moon was the first girl hero fighting for justice, and her transformation scenes appealed to me. New outfit! She fights crime! She wasn’t just fighting crime, she was healing her enemies.

How do you fight your inner critic?

I’m not trying to make it perfect, which opens up the opportunity to draw stuff I’d never thought I’d draw before. Chapter 2 concludes the first act of Above the Clouds—I broke out my story into three acts, and it keeps it outlined but loose enough to make it up as I go when I hit these destination points. I have to keep it fun, keep playing while I’m doing it. I know how it’s going to end, and I’m working toward that ending. I’m loving the process and living the journey. « Read the rest of this entry »

The Simpsons Marathon (CPR Insight)

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Listen to The Simpsons Marathon

Many people living today don’t know a world when the animated comedy “The Simpsons” wasn’t on television. It premiered December of 1989 and finished its 25th season this past spring. Of course, devotees know the functionally dysfunctional yellow family appeared in short bursts on “The Tracy Ullman Show” as early as 1987.

In honor of the 25th anniversary season of “The Simpsons,” and to promote its plans to start airing the show regularly, FXX is showing all 552 episodes this week. The marathon started Thursday, August 21 and ends September 1 at 11:30 p.m. Joining us to talk about the iconic –and possibly legendary- show is Simpsons expert Karma Waltonen, a continuing lecturer in UC Davis’ University Writing Program.


Napa Earthquake Impact on Wine Businesses (CPR Insight)

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Listen to Napa Earthquake Impact on Wine Businesses

It’s still unclear how bad the much damage the earthquake in Napa caused, but it has definitely hit wineries in the region harder than many recent disasters. A flood and a root louse epidemic in the 1990’s killed grape vines but vintners were able to adapt because the damage came during the early phases of the wine making process. This week’s earthquake was so damaging to the Napa wine industry because it wiped out barrels and bottles of finished wine, ready for market. Joining us with an assessment of the damage is Paul Wagner, founder of Balzac Communications and Marketing, a wine industry PR firm, and Paul Leary, President of Blackbird Vineyards and a board member of the Napa Valley Vintners Association.

Photos from Wagner’s home:

Sean K. Sutter’s world of color

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Sean K. Sutter, “Napa Valley #1″

Sean K. Sutter is a painter, illustrator, art gallery preparator and full time dad in Davis. After earning his Bachelor in Fine Arts degree in painting from Humboldt State, Sutter and his wife moved to the area so she could finish her degree at UC Davis. SN&R sat down with Sutter to chat about his upcoming Second Saturday show, With Eyes to See, at the Ficklin Midtown gallery, what motivates him to meditate on natural landscapes, and teaching art to his 3-year-old daughter Cora. Sutter started out illustrating when he fell in love with comic books, and he began painting en plein air in 2011.

What’s in the show?

This show is going to be all landscape paintings. Almost all of them I did since I moved here to Davis from Humboldt County last summer. I did a lot of landscape work in Humboldt and I really like being able to get to know the area and find out the things that are beautiful about it. So I spent a bunch of time working and exploring around Davis to find things to paint.

Why landscapes?

I wanted to get really good at painting. One of the best ways to understand color better is to closely observe nature because there’s a lot of subtlety in color based on the light. Especially outside, the light changes so much throughout a day. Being able to paint on location outside is the best painting experience as far as learning.

Do you work from reference photos?

Whenever possible, I like to paint on location but it doesn’t always work. Especially with some of the larger paintings lately, I’ll end up working from photographs. I try to work from my own photographs so that I get a sense of what the life was like while I was there. I’ll even do watercolor sketches to take notes on the colors and conditions. « Read the rest of this entry »